InLab                    - Portable Stadiometer - InBody HQ
InLab                    - Portable Stadiometer - InBody HQ
InLab                    - Portable Stadiometer - InBody HQ
InLab                    - Portable Stadiometer - InBody HQ

InLab - Portable Stadiometer

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  • Portable Stadiometer (can measure anywhere anytime)
  • Ultrasonic Sensor for accurate measurement
  • Displays temperature and humidity
  • Convenient to use (can meausre in seconds)

Main Features

Broad Height Range

The measuring range is 1'8”-6’7”/50-200 cm, it can be used by children and adults.

Quick and Convenient

The ultrasonic sensor accurately measures height in 1 second.

Patented Technology

The temperature and humidity are displayed as soon as the power is turned on.

Simple Design

The InLab is light to carry around and has a sleek and simple design.

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09 SEP 2017

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04 APR 2018

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17 NOV 2017

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find the PUSH user's manual?

You can find a copy of the PUSH user's manual here.

How do I measure height with a PUSH Stadiometer?

It is quick, easy, convenient, and accurate thanks to ultrasound sensors. Watch the PUSH Stadiometer video below for a quick demonstration.

What is the grade of precision for the measurement?


What is the PUSH Stadiometer?

The PUSH uses an ultrasonic sensor for accurate height measurement. It accurately measures an individual’s height using an ultrasound sensor. It also displays temperature and humidity in the surrounding environment. It has a sleek triangular design that fits easily in one hand.

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Bluetooth and APP

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Product Specifications

Measurement Item

Height, Temperature Humidity

    • Height Range

      1’7” - 6’6” inches

    • Error Range

      + 0.2 inches

    • Other Measuring Range

      Temperature 60.8~104°F (+ 33.8°F) Humidity 30~80% (+7%)

  • Measurement Duration

    1 sec.

  • Sensor

    Ultrasound, Temperature, Humidity

  • Current Consumption

    Below 100mA

  • Display Type


  • Colors


  • Dimension

    1.69(W) x 1.73 (L) x 11.8(H):inch

  • Device Weight

    0.52 pounds

  • Operation Environment

    60.8-104°F, 30 ~ 80%RH

  • Power Consumption

    DC 3V (1.5V AAA Battery 4EA)

  • Storage Environment