InBody App

Your Health in Your Hands

Your health is more than one number on the scale. With the InBody App*, you’ll get

access to comprehensive wellness data to help you understand whole body health,

build segmental balance, and make healthy changes that will allow you to live well today,

tomorrow, and for years to come. It’s time to get reacquainted with your body.

*Outputs vary by InBody model.

Visit Your Health & Wellness Hub

Easily view your current health data all in one place. From the main dashboard,

scroll down to an output that interests you and click on it to learn more.

Review Your Personal Progress

Take a closer look at your Result Sheet breakdown to view

individual health trends based on output.

Create Healthy Change

Compare results from your last seven InBody tests. Use this information to create positive lifestyle changes your future self will thank you for.

Monitor Your Health In Real Time

Pair your InBody wearable device to the app to take your personal health information

with you wherever you go! Use this feature to track daily steps, sleep patterns, and more.

Nourish Your Body with Food & Exercise Plans

Use clinical recommendations as a reference for setting muscle and fat goals.

Build a Balanced Body

Assess segmental differences in Skeletal Muscle Mass and Body Fat Mass

and discover how they are distributed throughout the body.

Get Started with

Smarter Healthcare

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