Can this device be used by multiple individuals?

Yes, the device supports up to eight secondary users through the app, or a maximum of 20 users if each uses a separate phone (subject to local policy). Each user can maintain a personalized profile in their app.

* Only one user can be connected to the device at a time, so to switch users, the current user must log out of their app.

How do I test on the InBodyDial?

To perform a weight test on the InBody H20, follow these steps:

1. Tap on the InBody scale to activate it.

2. Wait for the display to show "0.0".

3. Step onto the InBody scale.

4. The weight measurement will appear on the screen once it stabilizes.

InBody test results vary on the same device. Why do outcomes differ?

Body composition is constantly changing, so it's natural for the values to fluctuate. We allow for an average difference of 1% with a maximum deviation of 3%.

What is the difference between each color?

Both versions offer the same features and specifications.

What is the difference between H20N and H20B?

H20B is certified as a medical device. While the H20 is classified as a non-medical device, there are no functional differences between the two.

What is the difference between H20 and H30?

While the H20 and H30 models offer the same core functions, the H30 provides extra features, including:

Accuracy: Uses three different current intensities to improve accuracy.User Recognition: Automatically identifies the user when they step onto the device.WiFi Connection: Syncs measurement data to the mobile app via WiFi, eliminating the need for Bluetooth.Additional Features: Offers Waist-Hip Ratio, Body Type, Soft Lean Mass, and Body Balance Evaluation.

What is the maximum weight that the InBody H20N can measure?

The maximum weight capacity is 150 kg.

What should I do if the weight is inaccurate?

Tap the footplate to turn on the device. After 2-3 seconds, once 0.0 appears on the LCD screen, try again. The weight measurement may be inaccurate if the device is placed on carpet or a mattress. Make sure to place the device on a flat, hard surface.